Rania Nassar

About me

Wellness coaching to help clear fear, anxiety, procrastination, lack of planning, sleep deprivation, addiction, dependency, and all what is necessary to let you be the best you can.

Mental health therapist for those who no longer want to live in confusion and chaos and know it’s time to rise up. I've combined everything you never knew you needed in a coaching program into one incredible experience.

I use a multi-faceted approach to help you reach your goals so you can achieve a life you crave and find deeply satisfying. We will work together to identify the biggest pain points that need to be healed so you can embark on creating the life your soul is begging you to experience. Some of the things we may work on are:

Realigning you with your authentic self discovering your life purpose empowering you to make decisions from a strong sense of self-worth.

Understanding your natural gifts and talents so you may pursue a career/passion that feels effortless and joyful finding the lessons and the blessings from the pain to get you unstuck and avoid repeating unhealthy patterns gaining clarity around a big life transition or decision.

I utilize many different tools including NLP, Hypnosis and Intuitive sessions (Inner Child Meditations, Healing Meditations, Past Life Regressions, Timeline Therapy).

From years of training and my own healing journey to the successive, rapid growth my clients have experienced, i have what it takes to bring you from settling for mediocrity to getting more of what you desire.