Rania Nassar

A cognitive behavioral therapist’s main role is to help people identify their thoughts and behaviors, specifically regarding their relationships, surroundings, and life, so that they can influence those thoughts and behaviors for the better. Cognitive behavioral therapy is a psycho-social intervention that aims to reduce symptoms of various mental health conditions, primarily depression and anxiety disorders Cognitive behavioral therapists are trained professionals who help people change their behavior by changing the way they think and feel about certain situations. They use a variety of techniques to accomplish this goal, including individual or group therapy sessions, exercises, homework assignments, and other activities designed to help patients better understand themselves and their problems. Cognitive behavioral therapists have a wide range of responsibilities, which can include:

* Establishing goals with the patient and creating treatment plans to achieve those goals
* Conducting assessments to determine the cause of the patient’s issues, including assessing a patient’s mental health history and current state of mind
* Conducting individual therapy sessions to help patients overcome their problems with emotions, thoughts, and behaviors
* Conducting group therapy sessions with patients to help them learn new behaviors and ways of thinking about themselves and others
* Helping patients identify patterns in their lives that may be causing their distress and anxiety
* Helping patients develop coping strategies for stress management and relaxation
* Helping patients identify areas of their lives where their current thoughts, feelings, or behavior may be counterproductive to their goals
* Conducting diagnostic evaluations to determine if a patient’s symptoms are caused by psychological factors or other conditions that require different types of treatment
* Conducting research on new treatment methods to improve existing therapies