Rania Nassar

Life Coaching is geared towards the outcome to successfully adapt to difficult or challenging life experiences and meeting life goals. It is achieved by finding mental, emotional, and behavioral flexibility, strength, and regulation of external and internal challenges.

The coding that determines your life lives deeper than your beliefs.

That’s why I work with the programming that underpins everything you think, feel and decide.

Trying to simply ‘do differently’ isn’t sustainable because it takes willpower and discipline to act in contravention to who you think you are.

It’s like pruning the branches on a tree; it looks tidy and improved, but they’ll continue to grow back because you haven’t disrupted the fuel source.

I work down at the roots.

I look at the models of reality that the structure of your identity is built on, and help you make the adjustments that enable you to live the life you actually want, not just the one you currently think is possible.

Together we’ll unpack the noise in your head and bring oxygen to areas of your life that felt restricted. Over time, this work provides radical shifts in perspective, revealing blind spots and opportunities that hadn’t been available to you….until now.